“Be my Quarantine”
Mapping times and spaces of isolation

OPEN CALL for exhibiting isolation at times of Covid-19

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At times where the public health is at risk, triggered by the global dissemination of Covid-19 virus pandemic, it is demanding and crucial to discuss emergent subjects related to human and spatial distance: being isolated, working at home, communicating without touch, and its effects on economic, spatial, human and mental dimensions.

Following this new global reality that is embodied in the “not-knowing” what tomorrow will bring, the present open call asks:

What are the new patterns of social behaviour and spatial occupation in a state of isolation? What does collectivity mean when physical presence is limited? What are the new relationships between the public and private spaces? And, what are the new frontiers? What are the different scales of intimacy and sharing in the domestic space? Where is the mental space in a state of physical confinement? What does “global” and “local” mean in this context? In the face of new social and physical challenges, how can we represent private space and time in isolation?

“Be my Quarantine”: Mapping times and spaces of isolation is an interdisciplinary open call for everyone in the globe, who is interested in documenting, archiving, representing critically subjects of time and space in isolation, departing from their personal experiences. Participants are invited to create, and map narratives based on their daily life routines, silences, despairs, struggles, and hopes, in an attempt of responding to the questions interrogated above.

Each participant must send the produced map complemented by a small text in Portuguese or English (300 words max.) explaining his/her/their lived experience in quarantine or social isolation provoked by Covid-19, until 1st July 2020 to hello@spacetranscribers.com. For mapping times and spaces of isolation, we encourage each participant to explore different mediums of representation and recording, such as video, audio-recorder, photograph, drawing, writing, poetry, collage, performance, etc.

After receiving the works produced, the proposals will be curated and exhibited at Nogueira da Silva Museum in Braga, Portugal on a date to be confirmed, due to the constraints of current times of uncertainty.

Outcome Guidelines

Small text in English (300 words max) + Map (free format, ie.: image, text, video, collage, etc) + Participants Identification (Full name; age; nationality; profession; email). Send to hello@spacetranscribers.com.


1st July 2020.

Exhibition location and date

Nogueira da Silva Museum in Braga, Portugal. Date to be confirmed, due to the constraints of current times of uncertainty.